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Image by Andrea Leopardi

Performance Enhancement

We are all required to do certain things in our lives that are beyond our comfort zone, or that push us past our limits. 

When this happens, we have many choices - we can crumble, or we can soar. We can flake, or we can take aim and fire away. 

However, what separates these two things. Firstly, it is how we respond to pressure, and the underlying beliefs that we carry about ourselves, others and the world. These will determine in many small ways how we will likely respond in a high pressure situation. 

What are your should's, ought to's and cant's? 

How can Hypnotherapy help improve performance?

Hypnotherapy helps us to overcome the limitations that we so often exist in. Whether the barrier is anxiety, or imagination, or uncertainty, or simply the fact that it's never been done before - hypnotherapy will help you to project yourself into a space where you are realistically achieving your goals, shedding the things that are unhelpful or in the way. 

So often, the problem is that we are pulling in two or more opposite directions. Our energy gets diffused, or we engage in unhelpful, perhaps even actively self-defeating thoughts and behaviours. 

Talking these through and using hypnosis will make possible to alter these unhelpful parts, and create, promote and nurture those that will move us forward - into our chosen life and ambitions. 

What do you feel when you imagine yourself performing in front of others?
On fire?


Hypnotherapy can help us to overcome the limitations imposed by our own imagination

The first step of therapy is for us to get to grips with what is in the way.


By understanding how the barrier fits into a cycle of responses, we can start to break that loop, transforming the way you approach such challenges. 

Our responses are initially guided by our imagination - what passes through our minds - what echoes through it. 

Our job will be to understand this and to start shaping it into a new mould - one that can transcend the old way and create something more fulfilling and more satisfying.

Image by Den

Overcoming our limits is a process - it takes imagination.

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