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Eating Problems

Food is everywhere and we need it every day, just to survive. It is, therefore, very difficult to fight against an eating habit that has become unbalanced. 

We can't get away from the temptations and necessity of food. Walk around a supermarket to buy some kale, and on your way, you pass the crisps and the booze, the cakes and the chocolate. It's inevitable. 

And the problem extends in the other direction too - between not eating enough and eating too much; eating nothing but rubbish and being obsessively controlled in what you willallow yourself to eat. All of us are on this scale, and all of us slide around along it from one day to the next.

What happens, however, when it gets stuck at one end? What happens when disordered eating become a habit?  

Hypnotherapy and Habitual Eating Problems

Hypnotherapy is what we use to create new habits. Basically, it uses your own imagination (the thing that makes you think that the next slice or pizza, or lack thereof, will make your life better somehow) to rewire your thinking towards something new. 

This can take some time, and in some cases, some effort, but really, when it comes down to it, you are hypnotising yourself already - but you're doing it towards the habits that you might not want to keep on doing anymore. Our job will therefore be to hypnotise you towards the things you do want to start doing. 

How do we use hypnotherapy to change eating habits?

Hypnotherapy with me will not follow a formula. Each client brings their own story, their own problems and their own solutions. What we will do together, therefore, is to find out what the problem is, what motivates it and what stops you from managing it yourself. It is a gentle and cooperative process where we make sense of things and start looking at methods for improving the future. 

The hypnotherapy itself comes in when we have a reasonable idea of what we need to focus on, and we have come up with some suggestions that you can learn to give yourself. After all, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, from what got you into trouble to what will get you out of it.  

Image by Elaine Casap

Healthy Lifestyle

It is hard to address problems around food and bodies. Typically, there is so much shame associated to the issue, that we think we deserve it, or that nothing can help. 

I believe that this is an essential part of the problem, but not a truth. Disordered eating isn't fixed within us. It is something, like everything, than can change.

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